WATCH: Lainey Wilson Stars In Coors Light 2024 Super Bowl Ad

YouTube/Coors Light

Lainey Wilson is gearing up for her debut at the Super Bowl, taking the spotlight in Coors Light’s 2024 commercial for the big game.

Lainey Appears In Coors Light Super Bowl Ad

Ahead of Sunday’s showdown, Coors Light has released their Super Bowl ad, a 90-second commercial featuring none other than LL Cool J and Lainey Wilson.

The ad kicks off with an awkward situation, as a woman introduces her boyfriend to her family on game day— only to find out he’s sporting the wrong team’s jersey. To ease the tension, she offers everyone a Coors Light, which summons the iconic Chill Train from the Rockies.

With LL Cool J as the conductor, viewers are taken on a journey through various settings, from a gas station to the beach, and even a wedding ceremony. In one scene, Lainey Wilson is casually posing for a photo shoot with a horse when the Chill Train passes by, leaving her in a frosty aftermath and a Coors Light in her hand.

The ad concludes as the Chill Train arrives to the family’s house, with LL Cool J distributing Coors Light cans to everyone, seemingly solving their differences.

Her Filming Experience

Ahead of her cameo, Lainey Wilson shared her excitement for the commercial with Billboard, gushing on the experience of filming the ad.

“I think my family’s going to freak out when they see me on a commercial during the Super Bowl,” Lainey said. “It was such a dream to be in my first big game day and just help reintroduce the Coors Light iconic Chill Train to bring a little bit of that chill that everybody needs. We need that chill out from time to time.”

Lainey, who filmed her scene in Los Angeles at Paramount Studio, also described the experience as an opportunity to do something she’s never done before.

“We had some really cool frosted makeup effects and we got to do a lot of fake snow in my hair and eyelashes and stuff. I got to do something that I’ve never done and got to be creative in different kind of ways, which is always fun for me.”

Watch Coors Light’s 2024 Super Bowl Ad Starring LL Cool J and Lainey Wilson below.