Was Reba Wearing An Engagement Ring On ‘The Voice’?

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Reba McEntire had everyone talking on Monday night (Dec.4) during the first round of live tapings of The Voice

The country music legend was sporting some extra bling on her left ring finger begging the question, “Is she engaged?” Reba has been dating her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, since 2020. Rex has never been married before, but Reba has been married twice. For 26 years, Reba was married to Narvel Blackstock who was a producer and manager. They divorced in 2015.

When the singer was recently asked if she would ever get married again, she seemingly rolled the ball into Linn’s court saying it was “up to him totally” if they get married. Although their romance seems somewhat recent, these two have known each other for 32 years. Their friendship began in 1991 when they both worked together on The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw, and they have stayed in touch ever since.

“You gotta find somebody that makes you laugh… Most important thing and I found that. It’s priceless.”


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While it seems the two lovebirds are possibly nearing engagement, Reba said they’re not there yet.

She was asked about the sparkly new ring on the set of The Voice, but told ET that it was something she actually just found and wore to give everybody something to talk about. The singer continued to confirm she is not currently planning a wedding.

“I just found it. I told Leslie,” she said, referring to her brand manager, Leslie Matthews Duggar, “Imma put something over here, just let everybody talk about it.”

Reba is too funny!

Cassie DiLaura with ET then confirmed Reba was indeed not planning a wedding.

Cassie asked, “Ya know I’m planning a wedding. Am I still the only one planning a wedding?”

To which Reba responded, “Yes, you are.”

After the red carpet, Reba appeared in her red chair without the ring. While it seems these two are a match made in heaven, it looks like they’re taking their time and enjoying making memories together.