Walker Hayes Shares Witty Song In Response To Zach Bryan’s Dig On “Fancy Like”

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Walker Hayes has officially clapped back at Zach Bryan by releasing a new song that addresses their recent online “beef.”

Two weeks ago, Zach Bryan offered his take on modern Country radio, and Walker Hayes found himself in the crossfire as a result of his massive hit, “Fancy Like.” 

After Tyler Childers achieved his first-ever charting song on mainstream radio, Bryan expressed his opinion on X (formerly Twitter) about how crazy it is that Childers is only now gaining recognition on the charts, after a decade in the music business.

Bryan initially tweeted: “Imagine being radio (whoever the hell that is), hearing Shake the Frost and being like ‘no no let’s go with the Applebees song’”


Bryan later clarified that his intention was not to personally target Hayes: “Not insulting anyone! Meant it with humor not malice, different strokes different folks was just bent about the first ever on mainstream radio thing my bad.”


Walker Hayes Addresses Online “Beef”

Hayes responded with grace to Bryan’s jab at his song, displaying both sportsmanship and a good sense of humor amid the criticism: “Big shout to radio for playing dat Applebees song. Zach and Tyler praying y’alls continued success.”

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Enjoy the heartwarming video of Hayes and his daughter dancing to his chart-topping hit, “Fancy Like” below.


#fancylike ooooooooo💪

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes


Supporters of both artists started choosing sides, either reproaching Bryan for his unnecessary jab at Hayes or criticizing Hayes for being perceived as a cringey pop-country performer.

After the initial Twitter exchange between them, tensions appeared to ease in the following weeks, with both artists’ supporters refraining from further public comments on the incident.

Walker Hayes Teases New Song On Instagram

Now, it seems Hayes had more to express, sharing a teaser of a new song on his Instagram that responded to Bryan’s original tweet.

He disclosed having several witty responses prepared, opting not to post them, and openly acknowledged having taken shots at other songwriters in the past.

“Me and my buddies were talking about the whole Zach Bryan thing. They were saying they appreciated how I responded. I confessed that they only saw my best foot forward. I had a hundred smart ass responses in the chamber that I didn’t fire off…Took me 18 years to feed my kids with music and I’ll still knock something I hear on the radio cuz I didn’t write it. So, we tried our best to put it all in a Twanger. And this is what we got. I hope it makes y’all talk about stuff that matters.”

Walker’s Witty Lyrics

The lyrics of the song are, to say the least, quite intriguing. Hayes posted the new track to his Instagram page on Wednesday (Jan. 24).

“Well, I woke up this morning, read something mean /

Something in the orange tells me you’re feelin’ green /

Felt like throwin’ punches, but I just held ’em back /

‘Cause Jesus didn’t die for me, so I could fight with Zach Bryan,


No hard feelings, cause man I’d be lyin’ /

If I said I ain’t never talked sh*t about a radio record /

‘Cause I thought mine was better /

It’s kinda funny, oughta feel half hypocritical / 

Making money, making songs, 

‘Cause I know /

Most of us die, trying to be Zach Bryan”


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This is certainly a clever way to respond! What do you think of his new “diss track?”

Take a listen to the song that sparked the controversy below.