“Voice” Singer Turns 4 Chairs With Feisty Cover Of Gretchen Wilson Hit

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All Four Voice Coaches Turn For Jacquie Roar’s “Insane” Cover Of Gretchen Wilson’s “Here For The Party”

37-year-old Jacquie Roar lived up to her name when she auditioned for Season 24 of The Voice. She roared through a feisty cover of Gretchen Wilson‘s Top 10 hit, “Here for the Party.”

The coaches didn’t turn right away, because they wanted hear all of the dynamics in Roar’s voice. But once she hit a particularly powerful note, all four coaches flipped their chairs around.

To say they were impressed would be an understatement. They were blown away!

The Voice Coaches Make Their Pitches To Jacquie Roar

The coaches all assumed Roar would pick Reba McEntire to be her coach. But they put forth their best pitches to try and win her for their teams:

“I really liked your song choice, I’m very familiar with that,” McEntire said with a smile. “Your range is incredible. I love the low parts and the high parts and you did a great job.”

Niall Horan said, “That was insane,” before comparing Roar to Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler. He added,“You’re gonna be a showstopper on the show.”

Gwen Stefani spoke about how she’s fallen in love with country music thanks to her husband and former Voice coach, Blake Shelton. “I feel like I’m in this new period in my life where I’ve learned a lot about country music and fell in love with country music in a way I never thought I would,” she said.

John Legend tossed out his pitch too, saying, “I really think you’re gonna do really well on the show, because your voice is so powerful and you really do have range…you can do so much with that voice.”

Roar knew she was going to have a tough time choosing her coach, so she invited someone onstage to help her pick…her six-year-old daughter, Leilai.

Jacquie Roar and her daughter on "The Voice"
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Who Did Jacquie Roar (And Her Daughter) Choose To Be Her Coach On The Voice?

Roar asked her daughter to pick between the four coaches. Little Leilai happens to be a huge fan of Stefani’s, and thinks her mom’s voice sounds like hers. She told her mom to choose Team Gwen, and that’s who she went with!

Stefani was surprised, to say the least. So was McEntire, who exclaimed, “I thought I had that!

You can watch Roar’s “Here for the Party” performance and her conversations with the coaches below. Welcome to The Voice!