“Voice” Contestant’s Nearly-Impossible “Landslide” Cover Drops Jaws


The Voice Australia / YouTube


Her voice shook as she sang the first few notes of this classic Fleetwood Mac hit. The coaches listened intently as she continued –  impressed by the beauty of her voice.

Before she even finished the first verse of the song, two coaches had already pushed their big red button to try and win her over for their team.


Michelle Cashman had fought against a nearly-debilitating disease for years before she was able to overcome and reclaim her life – and passion. Cashman is a loving mom who described her battle with fibromyalgia as “devastating.”

“At its worst fibromyalgia not only stripped me of my ability to work as a musician but also my ability to be a fun mum,” she wrote on her blog.

Cashman spent years praying, wishing, hoping, that she would be able to perform again – and after making great strides in managing her disease, she finally reached a point where she could do it.

“As I walked out onto that stage, the lights hit my face.  The energy was in the air.  You can feel that you know – an audience’s vibe when you’re on the stage – it’s electric.  I was finally there,” she wrote describing her blind audition on The Voice Australia.  “After years of not thinking I would ever get the chance to perform at that level ever again, I was there.  Ready.  Healthy.”

“The tide of gratitude for that rose up to my throat as I began to sing, ‘I took my love and I took it down…climbed a mountain and I turned around.’ Holy hell have I climbed some mountains…”

Throughout her emotional and tear-filled audition, it was clear just how hard Cashman had worked to get to this point. It was her moment – and she owned it.

Watch her full blind audition below and be sure to check out her blog that she writes to help others who struggle with fibromyalgia and other issues. 


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