Voice Contestant’s Gritty Rendition of “Tennessee Orange” Earns A Chair Turn From Gwen

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Voice Hopeful Performs “Tenessee Orange” By Megan Moroney During Blind Auditions  

Claire Heilig, a 30-year-old aspiring singer from Virginia Beach, VA, took the stage for her Voice Blind Audition in a fun, fringe dress and shiny, silver boots. She performed “Tennessee Orange” by Megan Moroney, a song that went viral on TikTok last year, putting Moroney on the map and securing a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. 

Heilig’s mother and son can be seen watching eagerly from the wings. 

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Claire Heilig’s Performance Wins Over Gwen Stefani  

Claire Heilig has a rawness to her voice that gives the song a new feel. All four coaches can be seen listening intently as she sings, and about halfway through the performance, Gwen Stefani enthusiastically hits her buzzer turning her chair around to face Heilig. 

When the song comes to an end, John Legend welcomes the contestant to The Voice and she expresses her disbelief saying, “I can’t believe I am here!” 

Gwen shares her enthusiasm to have Heilig join her team: 

“I’ve got a Barbie doll on my team, you guys. I’m so excited! You’re so cute. I really liked how kinda dirty and gritty your voice is.”

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All Four Coaches Compliment Claire Heilig’s Performance  

Even though none of the other coaches turned their chairs for Heilig, they all had positive words of encouragement for the singer. John Legend expressed that his favorite part of her voice was the raspiness adding, “That little grit in your voice was very cool.” 

Reba McEntire, whose team is currently full and therefore she is unable to take on more contestants, complimented Heilig saying her voice is “real sexy” and her “range is wonderful.” Niall Horan congratulates Heilig saying, “Gwen is lucky to have you. You’re going to do great things in this competition.”

Stay tuned to see how fair Claire Heilig goes on Team Gwen!

Watch Claire Heilig’s full Blind Audition and the judge’s reactions below!