Viral TikTok Sparks Debate Over Baby Being Named After Disney’s Splash Mountain Ride

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Naming a child is a deeply personal decision, and it is not uncommon for parents to choose a name that holds a special meaning to them.

For one Florida mom, that special meaning was the now-closed Splash Mountain ride at Walt Disney World, which she named her daughter after.

When Kara, who goes by @vibingranolamom on TikTok, posted a video expressing her sadness at the ride’s closure, she never expected the backlash that followed.

“The ride I named my daughter after shut down today at Disney. I’m so sad,” she wrote on the TikTok video.

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Viewers flooded the comments section with jokes about the name “Splash Mountain” and questioned her decision to name her daughter after a ride that has been the subject of controversy.

However, in a follow-up video, Kara explained that her daughter’s actual name is Briar, not Splash Mountain, and that the name was inspired by the briar patch on the Splash Mountain ride. She said she chose the name because she thought it was unique and loved Disney.

“I got her name because I was looking at a baby name list on Pinterest and I was pregnant and I saw the name Briar,” she said in the follow-up video. “It reminded me of the little briar patch on the Splash Mountain ride.”

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While some viewers continued to question her decision, others defended her against the opposing views.

“You shouldn’t have to explain yourself or your baby’s name. People are just very sensitive and weak. You do you!” one person said.

Another added, “You handled the response to this person so well! Love the name and the sweet memory for you!”

Kara’s decision to name her daughter Briar after the Splash Mountain ride is a personal one and should be respected.

Naming a child after a special place, person, or experience is a way to honor and remember that aspect of their life and can help instill a sense of identity and connection to their roots.

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