Vintage Video Resurfaces Of Johnny Cash Singing The “Bonanza” Theme Song

piekielrl / YouTube

Did You Know The Famous Bonanza Theme Actually Has Lyrics?

Bonanza became one of the most popular shows on TV over the course of its 14-year run. Because of this, its theme song is also considered to be iconic.

Jay Livingston and Raymond Evans wrote the Bonanza theme song. The most recognizable version of the theme does not include any lyrics.

While other artists went on to record the Bonanza theme with vocals, country singer Johnny Cash was the first to record a full-length vocal version.

Cash released his version as a single in 1962. He later included his version of the theme song on his 16th album Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash once recorded a cover of the "Bonanza" theme song
This depicts the album that featured Johnny Cash’s rendition of the “Bonanza” theme song. His version has lyrics, unlike the version included on the TV show. Photo Credit: Fair Use

Watch The Video Of Johnny Cash Singing The Bonanza Theme Below

Within recent times, a vintage video of Cash singing his rendition of the Bonanza theme resurfaced on YouTube. According to the video’s description, the performance showcases Cash singing “on an old Opry show.”

The performance is over two minutes in length…far longer than the Bonanza theme was on the TV show.

People who stumbled across the video were amazed by it. Many had no idea that anyone ever performed the song with lyrics. People commented:

“I never knew this song had lyrics.”

“Always a treat to hear a “new” Johnny Cash song!”

“I didn’t even know there were words to Bonanza.”

“Knew Bonanza’s theme since I was a kid, but never knew it had lyrics. This was unexpected.”

“Johnny is very young and cool, never heard the words before!”

But Cash did! You can watch him sing his version of the Bonanza theme in the video below.