Vince Gill’s Hilarious Story About Singing Karaoke At The Holiday Inn

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Vince Gill tells a great story about being in the heart of Eastern Washington when a night of unexpected karaoke unfolded and something happened that will forever be etched in his memory.

As he explained to his fans, he was on a break from touring with Patty Loveless. Vince went on to say that his entourage took over the Holiday Inn bar, turning it into their own private stage. With two bands, crew members, bus drivers, and truck drivers all in attendance, the bar was buzzing with excitement.

In a video posted to YouTube, Vince said, “It just so happened to be karaoke night in this Holiday Inn bar, the crew boys are up there doing heavy metal covers and just acting stupid and crazy. And it was a riot. And I’m sitting there at the bar just taking it all in, laughing my head off and enjoying the night. And this beautiful African American girl came and sat down next to me.” 

Vince Gill tells the story with a smile.
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Vince Gill’s Karaoke Conversation With The Beautiful Woman

He said her eyes hinted at a flicker of recognition. Curiosity sparked, and she inquired if they had met before. Vince amused, jokingly replied “No,” and that his name was Willis. Confusion filled her mind as she searched her memory for any acquaintance named Willis, only to come up empty-handed.

Undeterred, the woman insisted that she recognized him from somewhere. Vince playfully went on with his fake story and told her that he sold auto parts and was in the area because he was attending a convention. With every word, he dug himself deeper into the fiction, leaving the woman perplexed yet intrigued.

As the night progressed, the woman made a daring proposal. She urged Vince to join her on stage for a duet, despite his protests. He told her that the thought of singing in front of a crowd petrified him. But she persisted, assuring him that she would guide him through the performance. Eventually, Vince relented, giving in to the woman’s contagious enthusiasm.

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Vince said, “We got up there and she said, what do you want to sing? I said, Oh no, I don’t feel good. I don’t want to be up here. I don’t want to sing anything. She goes, come on, it’s okay. And I said, no, I don’t want to. She said just come on. So she picked out some Motown song and it started. And I was supposed to sing the first verse and I sang the wrong words, way out of key, nowhere near the right key, and you know, in the whole room is all our crew and band and neighborhood. So they know what’s going on and they are on the floor howling and I’m singing that verse and it’s so bad. And she’s just like, oh man!”

Undeterred by the comedic disaster, the woman carried on, her voice holding some semblance of melody and right when her humiliation was at its highest, Vince’s last verse took an unexpected turn for her.

Vince decided to stop the jokes and channeled his inner Stevie Wonder, unleashing a cascade of falsetto runs and vocal embellishments. The woman’s jaw dropped to the floor in astonishment as she was truly shocked at what was going on.

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The performance concluded with applauses and as they walked offstage, the woman looked at Vince, awe-struck with a mix of surprise and admiration. With a serious face, she told him that he improved once his nerves subsided.

Vince Vince said, “I started laughing. She said what are you laughing at? And I said, man, I’m going to shoot you straight up. I’ve been messing with you all night long. I said, I’m really a fairly well known singer in Nashville, country singer from Tennessee. And she goes, that’s where I knew you were from. You’re that Alan Jackson boy!”

The revelation brought about shared laughter between him and her, as well as the fans he was telling the story to. Not only was it an unforgettable karaoke night for Vince, the lady, and his crew members, but now his fans know about the story, as well as you reading this right now.

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