Video Shows Fake Snake Terrorizing River-Goers In Texas

Nathan Alderete / Facebook

Scorching hot summer weekends provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cool refreshing tubing adventure down a river. Every summer hundreds of locals in New Braunfels, Texas grab their inner tubes and float down the Comal River to beat the dreaded heat. This past weekend, a fake snake surprised a good number of people causing plenty of laughs for spectators.

Nathan Alderete / Facebook

On Saturday, June 27, 2021, a rubber snake tied to a string was dropped into the river from a tree in hopes to scare various people floating underneath it. One particular victim was Nathan Alderete, who was pretty good-natured about the prank.

Alderete told the fake snake made quite a few people flip their tubes, and he recorded a few. He uploaded his video on Facebook, where it has received lots of laughs with over 22,000 shares and 4,000 likes.

The video shows Alderete and others from his tattoo business floating by. The snake drops out of the tree and onto Alderete and his group. A couple of individuals abandon their floats while others scream in sheer panic.

Another video was uploaded to TikTok which shows another series of clips of the prank.

Watch it in the video below.