Video Shows Beth Chapman Talk About Her Final Months With Family

YouTube / WGN America

Following her final memorial this weekend in Colorado, the reality television star and world-famous bounty huntress received a beautiful tribute courtesy of the network she and husband Duane “Dog” Chapman were currently working with for the next installment in their story.

Their television partner, WGN America, previously put together a short – but meaningful tribute video in the day after her passing on June 26th, 2019, but this new video shows a whole other side to Beth Chapman in her final months.

Dog Chapman and his wife Beth carved out their own niche in the world of reality television programming and have amassed quite the fan base. Even after their 8-year run on A&E came to a close, folks wanted to see more of this iconic pair in action, and CMT inked a spin-off deal with them for a series called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt!

Throughout the last several years, Beth had battled several times with throat cancer and in 2017, had a surgery to remove throat cancer. Last year, doctors said the cancer had returned and she was rushed into emergency surgery to remove a tumor from her throat in November 2018.

According to TMZ, Beth was placed in the coma because doctors thought it best for her own health. The site states that she was struggling with keeping her IV lines and medications attached to her and several other methods didn’t work.

In this poignant video, Beth Chapman talks openly about her expectations for what’s to come and how she is trying to enjoy every single moment with her family until the end comes – and while it can be hard to watch, it was her fierce connection with reality and the beauty of life that allowed her to be so grounded in a deeply difficult time in her life.

“I think that everything is a milestone, you know?” Beth said in the opening of this tribute. “Every milestone that you meet you’re like ‘Yes, I made it to Mother’s Day – I made it to Easter’.”

The video, set to a song from one of her close and dear friends, Wynonna Judd, is a reminder of the bright beautiful soul that Beth had – and how she gave love endlessly, to everyone in her life.

“We’re just living every day as much as we can – to the fullest that we can,” she continued, her voice strained with emotion. “And trying to hit every milestone that we can. We’re just gonna have fun and love each other and laugh all the way. And when it ends…it ends.”

Watch the beautiful tribute for Beth Chapman and her final, loving months with her family below.

RIP Sweet Angel