“UPS Dogs” Is A Facebook Page Dedicated Solely To Drivers & Dogs They Meet

Facebook / UPS Dogs

Be ready to have your day made!

There is a Facebook page and an Instagram page solely dedicated to pictures and cute stories of the adorable and friendly pups that UPS drivers meet on their routes.

It’s a known fact that UPS drivers love dogs and many of them enjoy taking the time out of their day to greet the pups. Many of the drivers always keep a stash of dog treats on their truck just so they’re always ready to brighten a dog’s day.


UPS Dogs Facebook page was created in August 2013 and has almost 2 Million followers! It’s not hard to see why with daily posts of all types of dogs and sometimes goats, excited to see their favorite UPS driver.

Followers from all over send in their photos of their precious pups and the UPS drivers who deliver more than packages by bringing joy, pets, and treats to their favorite K-9 pals.


Sometimes they are even heroes by finding lost dogs and keeping them on their truck until they can deliver them safely to a shelter.


It’s a mutual love. The four-legged friends bring just as much joy to the UPS drivers while giving them something to look forward to during their daily routine. One UPS driver wrote about what a blessing it was to make a lifelong friend with each pup and how much the interactions meant to him saying:

I was recently honored to dispense the First Biscuit to this wee waif of a wire-haired weinerdog that was wriggling and wagging in wide-eyed wonderment at my wealth of cookies. Look at the excitement. Look at the joy. Observe the enthusiasm of this sweet pup. My mission here has been successful. Long after my retirement, when my biscuit adventures are little more than distant memories, this dog will still be affectionately greeting the fortunate driver who takes my place and continues this time-honored tradition…”

You can check out the UPS Dogs Facebook page here and their Instagram page here. Give them a follow if you’d like and get your daily dose of adorableness.

Watch the cute video below of how much UPS drivers love their neighborhood dogs.