Update: Actor Julian Sands Still Missing A Month Later

Paola Porrini Bisson / Facebook

Actor Julian Sands was reported missing on January 13, 2022, after failing to return from a hike on Mt. Baldy in California.

The search for the 65-year-old continues, and authorities have not found him yet. Search and rescue missions have been conducted, mostly by air due to the dangerous conditions on the mountain caused by the recent extreme weather.

“We are still conducting searches as weather and conditions allow,” Rodriguez told Fox News. “Right now, those are still just by air because of the icy conditions and such on the mountain. But unfortunately, nothing new has developed.”

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department issued a public service advisory last month, urging hikers to think twice before attempting to hike Mt. Baldy due to the 14 rescues in the last four weeks. Of those 14 missions, two hikers did not survive.

Jin Chung, a 75-year-old hiker, was rescued from the mountain, and another hiker, 71-year-old Abdollah Katbab, was rescued in a technical ice hoist mission.

Sands was known to be an advanced hiker, and his friend Kevin Ryan holds out hope that he can survive the difficult conditions.

California’s wet weather has not helped with the rescue efforts, but Ryan remains hopeful, relying on Sands’ advanced skills, strength, and smarts. Sands’ brother Nick has come to terms with the possibility of his loss and has said his goodbyes.

“I have come to terms with the fact he’s gone and for me that’s how I’ve dealt with it,” Nick said last month. “We are all still hoping I guess, but I know he’s gone in my mind and because of that I’ve already said my goodbyes.”

Sands’ friend Kevin Ryan told Fox News, “I know Julian is an extremely advanced hiker and very strong-willed. He’s very, very fit. And we’re holding out strong that it’ll be a positive return for him.”

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