Unofficial Croc Gloves Now Exist

Unnecessary Inventions/Instagram

Crocs….you either love them or you hate them. The wildly popular boat shoes have been on the market for nearly two decades and their success shows no signs of slowing down. While they’re not exactly the best looking shoe you can buy, Crocs fans would argue that they are the most comfortable.

So, it’s no surprise that fans are riding the popularity wave by creating new products such as Crocs with fanny packs and steel-toed Crocs.

But, perhaps the most talked about Crocs-inspired items have come from creative minds who have used the ever-popular shoe to create new products that you can actually use like Crocs purses, and now….Crocs gloves. Crocs gloves are the brainchild of “Unnecessary Inventions” creator Matt Benedetto.

In a video posted to YouTube, Benedetto walked viewers through the process of creating the glove that features the signature Crocs style, straps and logo rivets included. The task of developing this one-of-a-kind item included hiring someone online to develop a pattern for the glove and using a 3D printer to make the gloves. We think you’ll agree that the entire process is fascinating (see video below) and the result is hilarious.

Benedetto’s YouTube video comments section is full of people wanting to purchase Crocs gloves. Unfortunately, the inventor doesn’t sell them and made it clear that the “unnecessary invention” was for the purpose of parody only. But, we’re pretty sure he needs to figure out a way to market these gems. The holidays are rapidly approaching and parties would never be the same without this unbeatable White Elephant gift.

Watch Matt Benedetto create Crocs gloves in the video below. And let us know….would you ever wear these?

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