Tom Selleck Called “Legendary” For Wearing An “Iconic” Mask

Conan Classic / YouTube

Some of the most wholesome content we’ve seen in the last couple years are photos of people wearing masks with their favorite celebrity on them. And from that content, we’ve enjoyed the folks who have purchased masks making them look like Tom Selleck.

See some of those tweets below.

It seems even Tom Selleck himself has found out about this mustache mask, because he has one of his own! While filming a scene for his longtime CBS television show Blue Bloods, Selleck was sitting at his usual spot, the head of the table. Co-star and New Kids On The Block member Donnie Wahlberg filmed a video showing all his co-stars sitting around the table and finished the video on Selleck, who was wearing a mask bearing his own face and mustache on it!

The video had audio dubbed over it where a woman said, “Who wants to look simple when you can look stunning?”

“Legendary,” Wahlberg wrote.

Fans chimed in in the comments section, with the TV show’s account saying, “Iconic.”

A fan wrote, “His stache deserves its own seat at the dinner table,” while another said, “