Toddlers Freak Out After Grinch Steals Presents From Santa

@BornAKang / Twitter

A group of parents really went all out this year when they schemed up something their toddlers will never forget and the video of it has nearly two million views in two days.

It shows Santa Claus walking slowly down some stairs while Christmas music played in the background and he was waving at a group of about five toddlers who were excited as ever to see the man.

@BornAKang / Twitter

As they all jumped up for joy and walked over to him to meet Santa, that’s when the theatrical performance was seconds away from beginning.

@BornAKang / Twitter

All of a sudden, the adults start looking upstairs and screaming to go along with the scheme as another man dressed up as the Grinch runs down the stairs.

The Grinch runs past all the dads who were pretending to hold him back and snatches the bag of presents that Santa was carrying on his back for the little girls and boys.

@BornAKang / Twitter

The Grich tries to run back the way he came but Santa chases after him and with the help of the other dads, is able to tackle him on the stairs and slow him down.

You can see some of the little girls running in fear and hiding under a piano while the boys just stood back, except for one boy. He wanted in on the action and ran behind Santa as he was chasing the Grinch down to get the bag of presents back.

One user commented on the video posted to Twitter by @BornAKang saying, “The little boy in green didn’t give a [explicit] he went after the presents!!!”

That little boy almost looked like he wanted in on tackling the Grinch with the other dads but somehow, the Grinch was able to make it to his feet and continued running up the stairs.

Santa and one of the dads followed in behind the Grich as they tried to chase down the bandit to get the presents.

“The kids will Remember that for the rest their life,” another wrote.

A third said, “Normal reaction. When I was a kid we went to McDonalds to see the McDonaldland characters. When they showed up I was hiding under the table and only remember seeing the Hamburglar’s stripped socks.”

While the parents were trying to do something funny for the kids to forever remember and may have had good intentions, others in the comments of the video had opposing opinions.

Some said, “Here’s an example of one that probably went a little too far.”

“The kids hid under the piano. This was aggressive,” another wrote.

A third user commented, “Came in too aggressive. That’s the energy for teens not [five-year-olds].”

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