Todd & Julie Chrisley Have Their Prison Release Dates Moved Up

Photo of Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Monsters and Critics / YouTube

Todd and Julie Chrisley’s release dates get moved up.

Eight months into their prison sentences, Todd and Julie Chrisley, the beloved stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” and “Growing Up Chrisley,” have had their scheduled release dates unexpectedly moved up. While this offers a glimmer of hope to their fans, it also raises questions about the reasons behind these reduced sentences.

In November 2022, the couple faced a harsh legal blow when they were convicted of defrauding banks of $30 million, thanks to falsified financial statements. The pair used these ill-gotten loans to fund a lifestyle filled with luxury cars and extravagant vacations while simultaneously evading taxes. The courtroom delivered Todd with a 12-year sentence and Julie with 7 years, though their prison terms didn’t happen until after the holiday season in January.

Photo of Todd and Julie Chrisley.
Monsters and Critics / YouTube

Here’s when they get out of prison.

Fast forward to today, and the Chrisleys’ release dates have been adjusted, sparking curiosity among their dedicated fanbase. Todd’s release from FPC Pensacola is now set for January 22, 2033, cutting approximately two years from his original 12-year sentence. Julie, on the other hand, is expected to regain her freedom on October 19, 2028, which shaves off a year and three months from her 7-year sentence.

Yahoo reported their attorney, Jay Surgent, shared, “Without a doubt, Todd and Julie are model incarcerated individuals who received exorbitant sentences. I believe Todd is down to 10 years, and Julie is now at five years.”

Surgent also hinted that new sentencing guidelines implemented in November might further reduce their time behind bars.

What can further reduce their sentences?

It’s worth noting that inmates can often serve less than their original sentences, depending on their behavior, participation in rehabilitation programs, and overall conduct. Federal inmates, for instance, can receive up to 54 days off their sentence per year through “good conduct time.” Other factors, such as time served before sentencing and completion of “Evidence-Based Recidivism Reduction” programs, can also contribute to sentence reduction.

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Prisons has declined to comment on the specific reasons behind the Chrisleys’ shortened sentences, citing “privacy, safety, and security reasons.”

As Todd and Julie’s fans continue to follow their journey, this unexpected news in their legal issues is sure to keep their devotees guessing what’s going to happen next.

While the reasons behind these sentence reductions remain undisclosed, one thing is certain: the Chrisleys are inching closer to their eventual return, and their supporters eagerly await the day they can welcome them back with open arms. More on the developing story in the video below!