Thomas Rhett Gives Update On Fan Who Had Medical Emergency At Nashville Concert

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Thomas Rhett Stopped His Nashville Show to Pray for A Man Having A Medical Emergency

On Saturday, September 30th, Thomas Rhett stopped his show in Bridgestone Arena to address and pray for a man who was experiencing a medical emergency.

“We had maybe five minutes left in the show – we were just finishing ‘Craving You’ and I noticed a lot of commotion and panic in the pit, maybe eight or nine rows back,” Rhett recalled in a recent conversation on the Bobby Bones Show

“We stopped the show and went over there, and there was a guy who had passed out, I think it had something to do with his heart… I started asking if there were any doctors in the house and man, doctors started hopping fences and coming down the steps, and the EMTs were coming out of everywhere… I’m just so glad there were so many people in that room that knew what they were doing because they got him out of that room really fast and got him to the hospital.”

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Thomas Rhett’s Wife, Lauren Akins, Suggested The Prayer

Rhett shared that while they were waiting for the fan to get into the ambulance, his wife Lauren suggested that he pray. 

“There wasn’t many ways to handle that situation, you know, you either just walk off stage or you address what happened. Because there were a lot of people in the room that were looking down there but couldn’t tell what was happening, you know. My wife came over to me and was like, ‘You should lead a prayer over the arena.’”


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Thomas Rhett Shares That The Man Is “Doing Okay” 

Since that night, many have been wondering about the medical state of the fan, whose name is Terry, and looking for updates. Terry has been released from the hospital and has traveled back to Ohio with his wife. 

“I actually got to talk to Terry on the phone last night,” Rhett shared. “Super sweet guy and I’m really just glad to hear that he is doing okay, and I got to make a new friend.” 

Once Terry was safely on his way to the hospital, Rhett closed the show by playing one final song “in honor of Terry.” 

Bravo, Thomas Rhett. Way to put the needs of your fans first and be an example of what it looks like to care for others. 

Listen to Thomas Rhett’s full conversation on the Bobby Bones Show below.