“They’ll Kill You!” Yellowstone Tourists Get Too Close To Brawling Bison


A group of tourists pulled over and parked on the side of the road in Yellowstone National Park and recorded the epic moment two adult male bison displayed their immense strength while battling it out in the middle of a road.

USA Today shared the wild moment on YouTube showing the bison headbutting each other and locking horns as they struggled to overpower the other one.


In the video, you can see the animals were getting extremely close to the onlookers and vehicles. At one point, the bison got just a few feet from an elderly couple partially standing behind their vehicle and if the bison wanted to they could have easily been taken out.

However, the lady filming the video sees them and yells at them to “back up, get away” and that “they’ll kill you.” Fortunately, the couple heard the people yelling and started to back up and give the wild animals their space.

The bison were going at it so hard that they were literally tearing chunks of fur off each other’s head and it was raining down on the road.

USA Today posted the video to YouTube on Aug 11 (2022) with the caption, “Tourists at Yellowstone National Park were warned to get away from fighting bison after getting too close.”

Watch The Bison Battle Video Below