The United States Has An Old Western Town Where No Cars Are Allowed

UNC-TV / YouTube

In North Carolina, there’s a small town located in the wilderness called Love Valley, and what it’s most famously known for is being a place where no cars are allowed.

Love Valley was established by a man named Andy Barker in 1954 because ever since he was a little boy he always desired to live a lifestyle like the cowboys lived in the olden days. Before he started the town he quit his job and moved into the woods to make this dream a reality. He built cabins, stores, a post office and a church that looked over the town. In 1963 Love Valley officially became legitimized as a real town and his father became the mayor.

Ever since then people have flocked to the old western paradise to experience the old-timey lifestyle. Some people live their permanently, while others just come visit on the weekend. The only way to get around the town though is by walking or horseback riding. Again, no cars allowed.

There are over 2,000 acres of trail riding that is available to horseback riders and it’s open every day, 24 hours a day. If you’re visiting you can bring your own horse or you can rent one from the town. When it’s time for bed you can either rent a campground and sleep under the stars or you can rent a cabin within or on the outskirts of the town.

The town itself has two bars, a cafe, a general store, a western store, an antique store, a horse equipment shop, and a gift shop. Every shop, store, cabin or campground comes equipped with a hitching post to park your horse.

Each month there are many different events you can attend that range from rodeos, to trail riding to cook-offs, to concerts and even holiday special events like Halloween and Christmas. All these events are listed and can be viewed on the Town of Love Valley Facebook page.