“The Rock” Shows Off Bass Caught On His Property

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a video on Instagram of a beautiful largemouth bass he caught on his private pond while he was decompressing over Memorial Day weekend.

“I just want to show you guys really quickly,” he tells his followers in the video as he holds up an impressive largemouth bass. “I just hauled out this good, I should say six, seven, possibly eight-pounder. Look at the beautiful belly on this fish, beautiful colors too as well. This is one nice healthy fish.”  

According to the A-list actor, for a few years now, he has been growing largemouth bass, stripe bass, trout, carp, and a variety of sunfish in the pond. He shared a photo on Instagram of him fishing in the exact same pond in April of 2017.


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He said, “I work very closely with a university biologist. We come out here and created a beautiful ecosystem out here for these fish. And we feed them — I feed these babies!” 

Dwayne explained that he has specialists come in and inspect the water, vegetation, and ecosystem to make sure the fish are all living like the “top of the food chain predators they are.”

He went on to add that all his fish are fat, healthy, happy, and aggressive to eat like their owner. Dwayne says he has been in love with fishing since he was a little boy and the quiet time away from all the noise means everything to him.

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