The Internet Goes Crazy After Girl Gets Matching Tattoo With Her Dog

sammcgraww / Instagram

We all know that our pets hold a special place in our hearts. So, when Sam McGraw revealed that she had gotten a matching tattoo with her dog, Ted, the internet went wild! But before you jump to conclusions, let us tell you that it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Sam’s journey with Ted began six years ago when she found him at a shelter for around $40. But little did she know that Ted had been rescued from an animal testing facility.

He was in bad shape, covered in his own waste, and had a lot of behavioral issues. But Sam was determined to give him a better life.

According to The Sun, she said, “I decided to get him checked out by the vet, which is when they found that his scars and markings looked cosmetic or chemical. We also found his testing number, which they use for identification purposes in testing.”

After finding his testing number, which they used for identification purposes in testing, that’s when Sam got the idea to get Ted’s number tattooed on her leg.

sammcgraww / Instagram

Now, before you start thinking that Sam is crazy for getting a tattoo that matches her dog’s testing number, in her defense, this was her way of raising awareness about animal testing.

Sam’s platform is dedicated to spreading awareness about how we can change the cosmetics and product industry. She hopes to create legislation that protects animals from the cruelty of animal testing.

“I was not always cruelty-free and it took a very disturbing video to send me down a rabbit hole and learn about animal testing. I hope my platform hits millions of followers so I have the means to take this to the next level and really help create legislation to protect animals,” she said.

Sam’s social media video has gone viral, racking up 6.5 million views and over 879,000 likes. And it’s not hard to see why. Sam’s story is inspirational and heartwarming. It’s a testament to the bond between humans and animals and the lengths we’ll go to protect them.

See Her Viral Video Below

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