The Grinch Tries To Steal Christmas In Multiple States & Gets Arrested

Letcher County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

According to a Facebook post posted by Sheriff Mickey Stines on the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office page, a Kentucky police officer who goes by the name of Deputy Mike Enfusse arrested the Grinch before he could steal Christmas.

The post said that the Grinch was at the Whitesburg Walmart angrily talking to children and scheming up a plan to steal all the toys before Deputy Enfusse showed up and threw the handcuffs on him.

Next thing you know, the Grinch was in the back of the police cruiser, “done stealing Christmas for now,” and was taken to jail, according to the post.

That’s not the only place the Grinch was arrested and taken to jail.

According to a Facebook post shared a week ago, the Grinch was also attempting to steal the joy and holiday decorations from Tamassee-Salem Elementary School in South Carolina and law enforcement was after him.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office shared a post on Facebook showing the Grinch grumpy and hunched over as he had his hands cuffed behind his back by Corporal Morris who was on the scene to deal with the thieving rascal.

Oconee County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook, “Mr. Steal Your Girl’s Christmas was located in the northern portion of the county attempting to steal the joy and holiday decorations from Tamassee-Salem Elementary School. We are pleased to inform you, Corporal Morris was on the case and the Grinch is in OCSO custody with a pile of charges. For those who have commented and messaged regarding the impersonators out there, may the holiday spirit be in your favor and their heart grow by two sizes this holiday!” 

It doesn’t stop there though!

KIMT News also shared a video on YouTube saying that the Grinch was arrested in Minnesota for trying to steal Christmas. He’s apparently been getting around to multiple states in the country. Check out the video below!