The End Is Near: Millennials Are Now Catching Fish With Their Smartphones

ErikaBeehler / Twitter, HICONSUMPTION / Twitter

Have you ever been fishing and wanted to just sit back and drink a beer, not having to worry about your fishing rod until you actually got a bite?

Well, one company called Tackobox have heard these cries and came up with a solution, a product they called SmartConnect. According to the company’s Facebook page, Tackobox created “The World’s First Bite Alert Fishing Rod!”

Tackobox has been around since 2012 and the SmartConnect is not their first venture into fishing gadgets. They previously created a product called SmartRod, which was made with the goal of helping anglers have greater success. The SmartRod is sold at Cabela’s.

The SmartRod was included in Zip HD’s “5 Fishing Gadgets You Should Have,” which you can watch below. A Tackobox employee explains that the SmartRod features an electronic bite alert that activates a sound alert and high-output LEDs the instant a fish gets on the line.

The SmartRod is an incredible invention, and like other companies, Tackobox wanted to continue creating great products for fellow anglers. So seven years after creating the SmartRod, they created SmartConnect, which is a reel you can use with any fishing pole, and it will work similarly to the SmartRod with one small difference.

Instead of making a noise itself, the reel will alert your phone when a bite is detected. The SmartConnect has a bluetooth unit, a USB-rechargable battery that lasts for 40 hours, and of course, the fish-alerting sensor.

To use the SmartConnect reel, you must download the free app that connects your Android or iPhone to it. The app can monitor up to four SmartConnect reels, can track weather conditions, as well as the GPS coordinates of your catches.

You can purchase a SmartConnect reel on their website here, or at Walmart.

SmartConnect is taking the term “Work Smarter Not Harder” to a whole new level!

Watch the video below to see how the Smart Connect rod works.