The Beach Boys’ Frontman Brian Wilson Releasing 50-Year-Old Country Album

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After more than fifty years of waiting, music fans can finally look forward to hearing a hidden treasure from Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson To Release Never-Before-Heard Country Album

In 1970, Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys’ longtime manager, Fred Vail, teamed up for what could have been a groundbreaking career move for the duo.

Yet, for half a century, the album remained tucked away, leaving the public unaware of the musical gem that never saw the light of day— until now.

In unexpected news, Rolling Stone has revealed that the world is on the verge of experiencing a never-before-heard masterpiece from Brian Wilson. At 81 years old, Brian Wilson, along with Fred Vail, is getting ready to release a long-lost country record that they had worked on over fifty years ago.

As Rolling Stone reports, this forgotten gem is set to be revealed sometime next year. Although a lot of details towards the upcoming release have not been announced yet, it has been confirmed that the album will be titled Cows in the Pasture, and will include Vail’s vocals over Wilson’s instrumentals throughout the entire project. It will also include surprise appearances from legendary names in country music, whose identities are still under wraps.

“It’s been a roller coaster,” Vail tells Rolling Stones. “It shows me that the stuff we recorded in April ’70 is timeless. I was really, really proud of this record, and even though it sat in the can for decades, literally, I always was thinking, ‘Man, that’d be great to get back into the studio and finish this thing.’ And now that’s happening.”

The upcoming album will be paired with the debut of a four-part documentary series, in which a camera crew documented every moment of the studio sessions that brought the project to life.

“As of right now, we’re creating a four-part docuseries,” Parker reveals, noting that Wilson will join him as an executive producer for the series.