Terror In The Sky: Plane Stalls & Plummets As Skydivers Leap

YouTube / ViralHog

A team of skydivers leaped from the open door of a plane just seconds before it fell out of the sky…and they were recording the entire time.

Thousands of feet above the ground in Mosselbay, South Africa, this terrifying and shocking incident happened in mid-October 2021 as a group of approximately 13-14 skydivers prepared to jump.

According to the New York Post, the plane was cruising along at 16,000 feet when nine skydivers opened the hatch and prepared for their jump. Among them was videographer Janse van Rensburg.

“We opened the door and began the climb out. As is normal, the skydive team was fully focused on achieving correct positioning and exit timing,” he told the publication. “This intense focus on task resulted in many of the skydivers missing the tell-tale signs of an imminent stall.”

As the video rolls, van Rensburg leaps from the plane and gets an incredible look back at the plane – propellers slowed, the plane falling into a total nosedive.

“I could not believe what I was seeing,” he said. “Everything happened in slow motion and I remember thinking ‘Am I really seeing the plane spinning nose down next to us?'”

The plane spirals, nose-down, toward the ground and quickly accelerates past the group of skydivers who are falling at a much slower rate due to their weight.

Inside the cabin are four other skydivers and the pilot – all who are held hostage in this tin can headed straight toward the ground.

Seconds later, as van Rensburg is filming, you see a black dot fly from the open hatch of the plane – likely another skydiver. The plane is more level now and it’s clear the pilot is trying to regain control and avoid the ultimate peril.

Then – a flash – and the plane is gone into the clouds…never to be seen in the video again. 

Reportedly, the plane and pilot successfully recovered from the stall and were able to make a safe landing while avoiding any injuries during the incident.

Watch the whole video below.