Terrifying Video Reveals Venomous Snakes’ Ability To Flatten & Enter Homes

TikTok / @snakehunteraus

A snake hunter has recently released a stunning video that demonstrates how effortlessly even large snakes can infiltrate your home.

On TikTok, Mark Pelley, a snake hunter from Australia, showed to his followers how the serpents can flatten and contort their bodies to slip through the narrowest gaps, as seen in his video.

“I’m frequently asked how snakes enter the house,” Mark Pelley said as he filmed one slithering by a door. “Eastern brown snakes, even a large one like this, have the ability to flatten themselves out and gradually squeeze their way underneath an entrance door to the property. I frequently find them inside the houses in Australia in summer.”

Witnessing the sizable brown snake managing to squeeze itself down to penetrate under the door and into the premises was a startling sight for numerous individuals.

“New fear unlocked thanks,” someone commented.

“Thanks now I won’t ever sleep ever again,” another said.

“And that’s why you get sliding doors,” another TikTok user joked.

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Although there is no foolproof method for preventing snakes from entering a home, Mr. Pelley suggests purchasing draught stoppers for external doors and ensuring that all doors are snug against the ground.

During the summertime, snakes frequently seek out cool havens to relax in and are frequently discovered in unexpected nooks and crannies within Australian households.

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To remain vigilant against snakes getting into your home, experts recommend that individuals remain alert for shedding snake skins, abnormal sounds emanating from dark and cramped areas, and an uncharacteristic absence of rodents indoors.

It is highly recommended that individuals promptly notify a licensed snake handler in the event of encountering any snakes within their homes.

Individuals who come across snakes are advised against killing them as it is against the law and also heightens the risk of being bitten.

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