Terrified ‘Voice’ Star Rushes Husband To Emergency Room

Casi Joy / Facebook

After competing on Season 12 of The Voice, country singer Casi Joy developed a strong and passionate following. Her new fans quickly fell in love with her, and in turn her husband, Bryan.

Casi and Bryan had been together for quite some time before they finally tied the knot on October 14, 2017. The two were married during an outdoor ceremony in Kansas, where they were surrounded by family and friends.

As a surprise for her husband and guests, Casi opted to sing her wedding vows. She wrote an original song for the occasion, which she titled, “I Do.”


In traditional wedding vows, the bride and groom promise to be by each other’s sides in sickness or in health. Recently, Casi found herself upholding that part of her vows when Bryan experienced a serious health scare.

Writing on Facebook on Wednesday (March 7), Casi revealed that she had to rush Bryan to the emergency room the previous night. She described his symptoms in terrifying detail:

He had tightness in his chest, bpm 180, high blood pressure, and numbness/tingling in his arms and legs. He was white as a sheet and clammy and said his chest was getting tighter. His hands started to curl up, and I’ve never been more scared.”

Casi said that Bryan has been having similar issues for about a year, but never this bad.

After Casi took Bryan to the hospital, he was given some medicine to help anxiety, but his heart rate never lowered. He was transferred by ambulance to another hospital, where he underwent a series of other tests.

Unfortunately, the tests were unable to determine what was wrong with Bryan, and he was discharged from the hospital with no answers:

I’m heartbroken for my Bry, who is getting absolutely no answers after being poked, prodded, and terrified of the unknown. I’m hoping we find some answers tomorrow at his primary physician. Thank you all for the love. We both appreciate it and send it back to you.”


We can’t imagine how terrified Casi must have been, and how scared she must be now that they still have no answers. Hopefully the doctors will find some soon.

Our prayers go out to Bryan, and to Casi.