Teens Duet To Blake Shelton’s 2014 Ballad ‘Lonely Tonight’

socalvocalcoach / YouTube

When Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe released their duet “Lonely Tonight,” it didn’t take the two long to reach the number one spot.

Because of the traditional country sound and bone-chilling harmonies, fans went crazy for the song, which produced countless amounts of covers from fans. One of the best covers we’ve seen came from a couple teenagers!

Talented singers Dawson Anderson and Kelsey Bridges got together to perform an astounding rendition of “Lonely Tonight” that completely blew us away.

With voices like that, we’re sure these two have a bright future ahead of them! In fact, Dawson is a member of the country band Temecula Road and Kelsey is currently pursuing a solo career.


Dawson and Kelsey have beautiful voices that mix together very well. Though no one could ever surpass Shelton and Monroe’s original version, these two teens definitely have one of the best covers out there on YouTube and have the talent to be proud of. Check it out!