Teen Singer Joins Team Dan + Shay: “She Has What It Takes To Win It All”

YouTube/The Voice, Casey Durkin/NBC

During the recent blind auditions of The Voice’s Season 25, Anya True, a 17-year-old from Encinitas, California, captured the attention of both the audience and coaches with her authentic and raw vocals.

Singing Stephen Sanchez’ “Until I Found You,” her rendition earned her chair turns from country duo Dan + Shay and Chance the Rapper.

Anya True Gives “Flawless” Blind Audition

As Anya took the stage and began singing, coach Chance The Rapper turned his chair almost instantly. Shortly after, duo coaches Dan + Shay also turned their double chair, impressed by Anya’s performance as she skillfully sang and strummed on an electric guitar.

Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay praised her performance, sharing his admiration for her vulnerability and comparing her to Olivia Rodrigo.

“That was a flawless performance. I love the vulnerability. You have this Olivia Rodrigo kind of thing going on,” he said. “Your voice is just phenomenal. I just love all the little imperfections that you had.” “They were…character. They were very purposeful.”

Dan Smyers chimed in, expressing his appreciation for Anya’s falsetto and her ability to transition seamlessly between soft vulnerability and powerful delivery.

“I loved your voice when it broke into the falsetto. It was vulnerable in a whisper tone. And then, at the end of the performance, you hit those same notes full voice and I was like, ‘She’s got it all.’”

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper made an effort to persuade Anya to join his team, offering insight into his coaching philosophy.

“I think what I do with all the people that come on my team is I try and lean into their influences,” he says. “This is your stage and every week, people are coming to learn more about you and see what your influences are. So I like to let people take the stage and do their thing and I would love to learn more about you.”

Reba McEntire and John Legend also shared their thoughts on Anya’s performance. McEntire noted Anya’s voice and tone, acknowledging her talent, but expressed that she wasn’t what she was looking for at the moment. On the other hand, Legend detected nerves in her voice but shared his excitement for her journey ahead, recognizing her potential for growth and success in the competition.

After considering all offers, Anya ultimately chose Dan + Shay as her coaches.

Watch Anya True’s blind audition below.