Teen Brothers Play Harmonica Duet & Earn Standing Ovation From AGT Judges

America's Got Talent / YouTube

15-year-old Brody and 17-year-old Alex are brothers who decided to form a musical group called Brothers Gage. But the two brothers aren’t singers…they’re harmonica players!

The brothers have been working on their harmonica skills since they were young kids. After so many years of practice, the two felt confident enough to audition for the 15th season of America’s Got Talent.

By the time Brothers Gage auditioned for the show, AGT was forced to host its auditions without a crowd. So the judges were the only people in the audience. Judge Heidi Klum wasn’t there because she was ill at the time, and temporarily stepped away from the show out of an abundance of caution.

But even though the Brothers Gage didn’t have a huge crowd cheering them on, the energy in the room was electric. They delivered an upbeat performance full of spunk and enthusiasm…and seemed to be having a blast in the process!

The judges were visibly impressed with the brothers’ musical skills. Simon Cowell was especially interested in their performance, and was seen grinning while they played.

Brothers Gage drove their performance home by running off of the stage. They made their way over to the judges’ table and played right next to them, which they seemed to enjoy.

When the brothers finished their audition, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel immediately stood up and cheered for them. That standing ovation was well-deserved!

Brothers Gage ended up advancing to the next stage of the competition. Tune in below to watch their impressive audition and see why the AGT judges felt they were talented enough to continue on the show!