Tearful John Schneider Recalls Pain Of Losing Mom Before Waltz

YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

Just moments before he hit the ballroom floor with his pro partner, Emma Slater, country music singer and Dukes of Hazzard star, John Schneider had tears roll down his cheek as he emotionally recalled the pain of losing his mother just a few short years ago.

Appearing in the 27th season of Dancing With The Stars, Schneider and Slater have had quite a few notable moments and stunning performances over the last few weeks – and this one became a truly impactful moment for him.

In the pre-dance interview segment, Schneider opens up about one of the hardest years he’s ever experienced: 2016. During that time, terrible flooding overtook his land in Louisiana where both he has a home, his mother had a home, and his film production studio business is located.

“2016 is the year that I lost everything,” he told Slater. “We had what you can only call the ‘perfect storm.”

“When the river flooded…it came straight through my mother’s house, straight through my house, and destroyed everything in its path,” he explained. “September 13th, 2016 – Alicia came in and grabbed me by the hand and said, ‘Your mom died’.”

He broke down in tears telling the story – and again reliving the moment sitting next to Slater for the pre-dance interview. “I wish my mom could be here, I wish she could be sitting in the audience watching.” 

Performing a waltz to a song called “Smile,” Slater told him that she wanted this dance to be a tribute to his mother in her honor – and as such, Slater would incorporate his mother’s favorite flower, a yellow rose, into the performance and at the end Schneider would rise up again and smile.

True to her word, Slater put together a beautifully-choreographed dance with Schneider that not only had incredibly powerful music, but ended in a touching tribute to his mom and her memory.


Listen to John Schneider tell his story below and watch as he and Emma Slater waltz to honor his late mother in one of the most emotional episodes of Dancing With The Stars this season!

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