Taxidermists Turn Deer Butts Into “Assquatches”

Lazy Rabbit / Facebook

Some hunters go to a taxidermist after killing an epic buck so they can proudly hang it on the wall and tell their friends and family about how good the hunt was. However, there is some taxidermist who takes it to the next level.

Facebook page Lazy Rabbit shared over 20 photos of Assquatches, which are actually the rear end of a dead deer that has been creatively turned into a face that looks like some sort of sasquatch creature.

The artist is so creative, adding realistic-looking eyes and mouths to the rear end of the deer bringing the whole idea of an assquatch to realization.

It’s truly incredible how the back end of a deer can come to life and lighten up the imagination, making it run wild and question what you’re actually looking at.

This type of creativity is not new, people have been making them for years, however, when the 20+ photos hit the internet, it reminded everyone again just how fascinating they look.

The post got over 17 thousand shares, seven thousand comments, and all kinds of likes.

Sadly, we’ll never be able to look at a deer that’s been to a taxidermist the same way again after seeing some of these photos.

The assquatches are said to run about $265, but the big question everyone is sitting on is…is it worth $265? Decide for yourself.

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