Talladega Superspeedway Shares Hilarious Photos Of What Fans Left Behind

Talladega Superspeedway / Twitter

Whether it be a camera, a phone, water bottle, or something a little bigger, we’ve all left something behind at an event.

In April 2022, Talladega Superspeedway held a two different high-profile races, the Ag-Pro 300 Xfinity Series on Saturday April 23. 2022 and the Geico 500, a Cup Series race on Sunday April 24, 2022.

Because there were two thrilling races, the Superspeedway was packed with fans in the stands and in every lot! And let’s be honest, we all know that NASCAR fans can get a little crazy. This weekend was no different.

Talladega Superspeedway themselves documented just how crazy the weekend got wby taking photos of items that were left behind…and these things are all bigger than just a phone or camera.

Their official Twitter page started a thread of things they found left behind, and each photo is better than the last.

A wooden stage with the center burned through

A patio chair on a self-made platform

A shopping cart and Easter eggs

Couches…yes, MULTIPLE couches

A burnt lawn chair and a tank of propane…perhaps connected in some way!

A blow-up pool and Mardi Gras beads

A crushed watermelon and a blow up mattress

An office chair and ONE cowboy boot and cowboy hat

Thank you, Talladega Superspeedway for gracing us with these hilarious photos.