Take A Peek Inside Toby Keith’s 160-Acre Oklahoma Ranch House


On an episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip, Sammy Hagar visits Toby Keith’s ranch in Norman, Oklahoma to get a glimpse into Keith’s rockstar world.

After an exclusive tour around the unbelievable property, Sammy Hagar ends up singing Toby Keith’s “Rum Is The Reason” with him. Keep reading for more details about how the two spent the day!

Legendary Accolades

Rolling up to the 160-acre mansion, Hagar snuck into Keith’s office, decked out with all sorts of fascinating things like vintage guitars, a plaque with John Wayne’s gun, a suit from the legendary Merle Haggard, and tons of trophy showcases. Hagar took a moment to brag about the sweet gifts from Keith’s military buddies and the crazy number of awards he has racked up over the years – ACM, CMA, Billboard, you name it. But the real standout for Keith? Turns out, it’s his “Songwriters Hall of Fame” award.


Join Sammy Hagar as he takes us on an exclusive tour of Toby Keith’s magnificent 160-acre ranch in Oklahoma! Get a glimpse into Toby’s world and his cherished collection of accolades, including American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, and Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards. #axstv #TobyKeithRanchTour #CountryMusicLegend #SammyHagar #MusicJourney #AwardsCollection #BehindTheScenes #CountryMusicIcon

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Personal Bar

After that, Keith and Hagar kicked back in Keith’s bar, which the pair joked was built thanks to the success of Keith’s “I Love This Bar.” 

“A lot of parties go on in here. This is our cabana.”

Toby Keith’s personal bar. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube

The two then headed poolside to keep the interview going. They chatted about Keith’s insane talent to sing pretty much any song ever (Hagar calls him the Jukebox), his music influences back in the day, and what really hits Keith in the feels – performing for the men and women in the American Armed Forces. When Keith was asked if his talent to sing any given song was because of his good memory or skill of being a “musicologist,” he said it was both.

“I think just loving music so much as a kid listening to everything. My first group of music albums that I had, when I looked back on them and started seeing what all I’d collected, it was mostly songwriters. So I would listen to any kind of music, as long as the person that was singing had written their own stuff. That’s what I wanted to be was a songwriter. Well, you know, God blessed me with a good memory and I just retained all of it.”

Toby Keith’s pool. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube

Continuing on the topic of personal songwriting, Hagar asked Keith what he thinks is the best song he ever wrote.

“The most important song I wrote [was] ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy,’ just because it separated me from the nobodies to a somebody. I broke through the critical mass and had a number one hit first out of the box. Well, then that allowed me some time for other people to research and find my music.”

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Hollywood Corners

Keith then took Hagar for a ride in his 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass to the Hollywood Corner – an old gas station turned diner that Keith bought.

Hagar and Keith taking a ride in Toby’s 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube
Toby Keith’s property. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube

Hollywood Corners has a nice back patio and enough space for live music (they even turned a flatbed into a stage!). Keith called it an “outdoor redneck event.”

Keith’s old gas station-turned restaurant. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube

“So this is Highway 77 North and South. This gas station is almost 100 years old. I really just want to sell a little food and beer and have my little band out back.”

Hollywood Corner’s back patio. Courtesy of AXS TV / YouTube

After their joy ride, Hagar joined Keith back at his place for some drinks and a jam session, capping off a day filled with good vibes and a shared love for music.

AXS TV / YouTube

Listen to their collaborative music session below!