Taco Bell Takes Fast Food To The Next Level With Luxury Theme Hotel

Taco Bell

The summer of 2019 may forever be known as “The Summer of Taco Bell” thanks to the brilliant marketing minds behind the fast food chain’s latest idea.

The restaurant, best known for it’s Mexican-inspired cuisine, went way out of the box (Chalupa Cravings Box, that is) with a four-night pop-up luxury themed hotel experience in Palm Springs, California, for some of its biggest fans. The one-of-a-kind brand experience simply called The Bell sold out all 70 rooms in just two minutes.

So what exactly does a Taco Bell hotel experience include? In addition to exclusive menu and clothing items, guests will enjoy sunset performances by local DJs, and can even snack on chipotle butter popcorn dusted with Verde seasoning while laying on sauce packet floaties and watching a “dive-in” movie. Perhaps the most intriguing service The Bell offers is a salon experience that allows the venue’s most committed guests to don looks “from Taco Bell-inspire and a braid bar to intricate nail designs.” The salon promises to “add a Taco Bell twist to your resort look.”

Unfortunately, the Taco Bell hotel offer seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Despite the incredible success of the four-day event, the fast food chain hasn’t announced any plans to host another event in the future.

Take a look at The Bell in the video below.