Suzanne Somers’ Widower Says “Odd Things” Happened At Their Home After She Died

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Actress Suzanne Somers Died In October 2023 Following A Battle With Breast Cancer

Suzanne Somers was beloved for playing Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company from 1977-1981. She landed another career-defining role as Carol Foster Lambert in the sitcom Step by Step. Somers starred on the series from 1991-1998.

Later in life, Somers became known as a figurehead in the health and wellness industry. She published over 25 books in her lifetime, many of them being in the health and wellness space.

LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 25: Actress/author Suzanne Somers poses on stage during a news conference announcing her residency, "Suzanne Sizzles," at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on March 25, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Somers was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She underwent surgery to remove the cancer, and also received radiation therapy.

Sadly, Somers’ cancer returned in 2023. Somers died at her home in Palm Springs, California, on October 15, 2023, just one day before her 77th birthday.

She was remembered by fans and former co-stars, including Patrick Duffy, who appeared alongside her on Step by Step. Duffy played her husband, Frank Lambert.

When the stone of your life dropped in this pond you made quite a ripple my friend. Thank you,Duffy wrote in his touching tribute to Somers.

Suzanne’s Widower, Alan Hamel, Details How “Odd Things” Started Happening At Their Home After She Passed Away

Somers was survived by her husband of 46 years, Alan Hamel, and her son, Bruce Somers Jr.

Hamel, who is a producer and television host, recently spoke with Page Six. He told the publication about some “odd things” that started happening at their Palm Springs home after Somers passed away.


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Hamel said “three things happened” at the house on the day of Somers’ death. He described these occurrences as “very strange.”

For starters, “a hummingbird flew into [the] house and made the rounds in the kitchen, and the living room and the dining room.” Then, the bird “hovered” right in front of a framed picture of Hamel and Somers. He said it “landed on top [of the frame] and stayed there.

After that, “the fireplace started all by itself.”

As if that wasn’t strange enough, Hamel said “some music [then] came on by Suzanne’s favorite composer.” Hamel said this was extra odd, since the composer is not well-known. “No one’s even heard of this guy,” he joked.

To Hamel, all of these strange happenings seemed like signs from his beloved wife:

“I’m a believer now that there is an afterlife,” he told Page Six. “I’m convinced of it… I think there’s something we don’t understand. I think there’s a plane somewhere… after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul must go somewhere and do something.”

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Hamel and all of Somers’ loved ones during this difficult time.