Stolen Motorcycle Recovered And Returned To Owner After 27 Years

NBC Connecticut

A Connecticut man got the surprise of his life when he was informed that a motorcycle stolen from him when he was in 10th grade had been recovered. Jonathan Huginski had moved on with his life after losing the bike, eventually opening his own motorcycle dealership and repair shop. So, imagine his surprise when police contacted him about the discovery!

Huginski was in the 10th grade in 1993 when he purchased the Kawasaki, and crashed it a month later while riding near his school. While at the hospital being treated for a broken arm, the motorcycle was stolen. Huginski filed a police report, but his beloved bike seemed to be gone for good.

Fast forward 27 years….Huginski received a call on April 30, 2020, that his 1990 Kawasaki KX125 dirt bike had been recovered. Hartford, Connecticut, police found Huginski’s bike along with several other motorcycles that had been impounded last year and “headed to the crusher,” according to Fox News. Huginski’s bike had been seized after someone was caught riding it illegally in a local park.

The ones that were in good enough shape to be checked against he National Insurance Crime Bureau database were entered and Huginski’s showed up as stolen.

A local news station captured the moment Jonathan was reunited with his motorcycle.

NBC Connecticut

“That’s it. Wow!” Huginski said as he touched the bike for the first time in almost 30 years. “Brings back memories, boy.”

He also said that it took him a long time to save up for the motorcycle so losing it was heartbreaking. After the unexpected reunion, Huginski said that he plans to hold on to the bike for a long time.

Watch the touching moment Jonathan Huginski was reunited with his motorcycle in the video below.