Steve Irwin’s Only Son, Robert, Turns 18 – See How Grown Up He Is Now

Robert Irwin / Instagram

Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri, welcomed their daughter Bindi in 1998. Five years later, Bindi’s younger brother, Robert, was born.

Robert was only two years old when Steve passed away.

Although Bindi and Robert spent most of their lives without their father, they’ve grown up to love animals just as much as he did. They keep his legacy alive by speaking about the importance of conservation and by working at Australia Zoo.

Robert helped spread his father’s message through various appearances he’s made on The Tonight Show over the years. He would bring some animal friends to meet host Jimmy Fallon, and their interactions were often hilarious.

Robert has also shared his love of animals through another passion of his…photography.

Few people know that Robert is the leading photography contributor for Australia Zoo’s Crikey magazine, and has been for years. His photography has also received many awards, including the Wildlife Photographer of The Year People’s Choice Award in 2020.

Robert often shares his wildlife photography on his Instagram page. His followers love seeing the stunning photos he captures of animals and the natural world.

Of course, people also love seeing photos of Robert himself. He has grown up so fast!

It’s hard to believe, but Robert celebrated his 18th birthday on Wednesday (December 1). Bindi gushed about her baby brother’s milestone birthday, saying:

This year you’ve been promoted to uncle and taken on the world. I can’t wait to see what incredible adventures are on the horizon for you. I’ll always, always be here for you (with a fully stocked fridge). Love you.”

Terri recognized Robert’s birthday by sharing a pair of photos that show just how fast time flies. The two photos show him sitting in the exact same spot, with the first photo being taken when he was still a young boy.

So I blinked my eyes and this happened…” Terri said.

If you haven’t seen Robert in some time, it was probably a shock for you to see how grown up he is now!

Look below to see a few of his most recent photos.–JB3V1/

Robert celebrated his 18th birthday with his family at Australia Zoo. Look below to watch a video about his special day.

We hope Robert had the happiest of birthdays!