Splash Mountain Ride Sinks Underwater In Video Captured By Passengers

@_jayy09 / Twitter

Splash Mountain is a log flume-style ride in Critter Country at Disney World and if you like getting wet in amusement parks, it’s a good one to try.

As described by Disney World on their website, Splash Mountain attraction includes 950,000 gallons of water, three dips, and a five story-drop. To determine how wet you will get at the end of the attraction depends on your seat in the log-flume boat. Riders in the back are likely to experience a high volume of splash or spray. The ones seated in the front will get absolutely soaked.

A family who visited Disney World last Sunday, on August 2nd, 2020, lived a different adventure than they may have expected.

Their log flume cart started taking on water towards the end of the ride. Worried they may go with the cart, the family decided to get out before the ride was fully finished, even though Disney World employees told them to stay put.

“We deadass almost drowned,” Jennifer said on Twitter.

The family was annoyed by the instructions of the Disney World employees to stay in the boat and they took to Twitter to inform the public of what happened.

“So we got out of our boat because it was sinking while we were stuck there and the disney world employee decided to tell us that we should’ve stayed in the boat but it went under as soon as we all stepped out… nice #DisneyWorld #splashmountain #MagicKingdom #disney not okay????” Skyelaringrsoll posted on Twitter.

The video posted by the family on Twitter went viral with 491.6k views, 7.2k likes, and 3.2k shares.

Watch The Video Captured By The Witness