Speed-Eater Demolishes Multiple Jars Of Mayo In Just 3 Minutes

YouTube / Guinness World Records

Mayo. It goes on sandwiches. You use it to help make baked chicken crispy. It can be a great base for a veggie or chip dip. It helps make tuna salad or egg salad taste all sorts of yummy. It has literally an endless number of uses.

But, what you don’t do with mayo is eat it by the spoonful straight out of the jar.

However, this lady did that. And I can barely keep my lunch down as I type.

YouTube / Guinness World Records

According to the official Guinness Book Of World Records YouTube channel, a speed-eating champ named Michelle Lesco set out to break the world’s record on two separate occasions.

One for the fastest time to eat a hot dog without using her hands and a second for the most mayonnaise eaten in three minutes. She completed the first by devouring the hotdog in 21.60 seconds…and definitely took home the trophy for the second – which was an astounding 86.35 oz of mayo (3.5 jars.)

YouTube / Guinness World Records

Congratulations to Michelle on this truly one-of-a-kind feat!

When news broke of this recent victory by the speed-eater, Twitter had a lot to say about it.


Check out the full video (including the hotdog portion) below courtesy of Guinness World Records.