Snake Catcher Removes Venomous Red-Bellied Black Snake From Day Care

Hudson Snake Catching / Facebook

A sleepy visitor caused quite a stir at a daycare center in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, earlier this week.

A venomous red-bellied black snake had fallen asleep inside a classroom locker, unbeknownst to the staff or children until a teacher noticed it after nap time.

“[The] kids just finished nap time and a teacher went to move a backpack on the bottom locker and noticed a [red-bellied] black snake curled up there,” Hudson, of Hudson Snake Catching, told Newsweek. “They were in shock so immediately called a local based snake catcher—aka us—and isolated it in the room and sealed the bottom of every door with a rolled-up towel.”

The red-bellied black snake is venomous, with a potent venom that can cause damage to blood and muscles. However, the species is shy and tends to avoid aggressive encounters.

Hudson arrived and used a snake hook to remove the snake from the locker, then released it into nearby bushland away from people and property.

No one was harmed during the incident and he later posted the video to his Facebook reels.

Red-bellied black snake bites can inflict serious damage and should be treated with immediate medical attention. Hudson praised the staff at the daycare center for their quick response and handling of the situation.

“[The] staff acted in a fantastic way,” Hudson said. “They quickly rung us and sealed the bottom of every door with rolled-up towels and kept an eye on the fatty through the window. A perfect response to the situation.”