Snake Catcher Narrowly Avoids A Bite From Highly Poisonous Red Belly

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 - Facebook

Stuart McKenzie of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 had a run-in with a venomous red-bellied black snake that almost resulted in a nasty bite.

“It’s been a hectic week and in the heat of it all yesterday, I nearly copped a bite from a small Red Belly!” he shared on Saturday (March 25) on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page.

The small reptile was spotted at a Twin Waters house on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, trying to escape through a fence. However, Stuart bravely stepped in to capture the deadly snake, and it almost ended up very badly for him.

In a heart-stopping moment caught on video, as he was picking the snake up with his hands and a snake pole, the reptile started to wiggle around before striking up and “head-butting” Stuart’s finger.

Despite the scare, Stuart released the snake into the bush with affection, calling it “Mr. Cheeky.”

The close encounter left Stuart feeling grateful to have escaped unscathed, saying, “This cheeky little thing head-butted my finger… closest call I’ve had in a little while.”

While red-bellied black snakes are not considered an aggressive species, they will defend themselves when provoked. It’s a good thing Stuart was quick on his feet and knew how to handle the situation.

Stuart says to take proactive steps when spotting a snake around our homes. Keeping lawns mowed and trash piles at bay can help discourage snakes from making their homes too close to ours. And if you do encounter a snake, remember to stay away from it, don’t provoke it, and call your local snake catcher for assistance.

If you are bitten, The Australian Reptile Park’s Billy Collett added when speaking to Yahoo News, “All you need to do is get your bandage and go over the bite sight three times, and work your way up the limb, immobilise and get yourself to hospital. Get the bandage on in the first few minutes because it slows the movement down dramatically.”

Viewers who watched the video of the “close call” also had some things to say about it.

One person commented on Facebook, “It’s the smaller ones that usually get you, a lot harder to handle.”

“You were lucky Stu,” a second person wrote.

“Nice job Stu, though I do now have some gray hair over the finger bump, LOL,” another person wrote.

A fourth chimed in, “I was definitely concerned for you then!”

Watch The Video Below Of The Close Call Snake Bite