Smirnoff Releases Hard Seltzer For The First Time Ever

Fernandez Square Liquors / Instagram

If you’re looking for the perfect beverage for Labor Day, look no further. Smirnoff launched a limited edition hard seltzer with cherry, citrus, and blue raspberry appropriately named, Red,White, & Berry.

With Smirnoff’s new beverage, you can drink more and worry less with just 90 calories per can, zero sugar, 4.5% alcohol-by-volume, and no artificial flavors.

Even the cans themselves are cold activated and reveal an American design when chilled.

Smirnoff’s Red, White & Berry products are a summertime limited-edition, so try them out while you can. If you’re currently avoiding going to liquor stores, the drink is available through some online alcohol delivery services such as Drizly.

To help people socialize while staying at home, Smirnoff has free virtual backdrops you can download on their website so you can still Ice your friends. For those unfamiliar with the game, “Icing” is a drinking game in which one person conceals a bottle of Smirnoff Ice in a place that another individual will find it. When it’s discovered, they are immediately required to kneel and drink it.

And just in case you weren’t aware, Smirnoff also offers a limited-edition vodka to keep the party going that’s Red, White, & Berry flavor.

For a tasty recipe with this summer beverage, check out the video below and remember to drink responsibly!