Simon Stops Country Duo On “AGT” & Asks For Another Song

America's Got Talent / YouTube

Simon Cowell Stops Country Duo Trailer Flowers During Audition For America’s Got Talent

One country duo got the chance to chase their musical dreams on America’s Got Talent. But in the middle of their audition, they were stopped by Simon Cowell and asked to sing another song.

Female country duo Trailer Flowers auditioned for the 18th season of AGT. They came prepared with a unique rendition of Luke Bryan‘s 2011 hit, “Country Girl (Shake It for Me).”

While the crowd seemed to enjoy the ladies’ performance, Cowell brought it to a stop. He raised his hand mid-song, and asked if they had something else to sing.

Those who’ve watched AGT before know this isn’t an uncommon thing for Cowell to do. In fact, he stopped another country artist mid-performance earlier in the season.

Trailer Flowers quickly changed gears and said they’d sing an original song next.

Trailer Flowers after Simon Cowell asked them to sing a second song on "AGT"
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

How Did Simon Respond To Trailer Flowers’ Second Song?

Cowell lost his voice when they filmed Trailer Flowers’ audition, so he couldn’t talk much. He actually had a sounding board with him that had recorded messages he could play instead of speaking.

Once Trailer Flowers finished singing their original, Cowell offered them a thumbs up to show he approved. He was satisfied with what he heard in that second song.


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When it came time for him to offer his comments, Cowell pressed buttons that said, “People are gonna like you.” and “I loved that audition.”

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum agreed. Klum specifically mentioned how much she loved the ladies’ friendship and their beautiful harmonies.

Trailer Flowers Advances On AGT Despite “No” Vote From One Judge

However, one judge was not won over by Trailer Flowers…even after their second song. That judge was Howie Mandel.

“I think that you guys are good singers…you’re very good,” he said. But then he added, “Good isn’t what we’re looking for, great is what we’re looking for.”

When it came time to vote, Mandel said, “It didn’t blow me away, I’m saying no, I’m sorry.

Though the other three judges said “yes,” so Trailer Flowers advanced to the next stage of the competition! Watch their audition below and see what you think of their performances.