Simon Hysterically Fails Ellen’s Fiery Game “Burning Questions”


One of the funniest clips to emerge from Ellen DeGeneres‘ and Simon Cowell‘s recent reunion has got to be his hysterical failure during a game called “Burning Questions.”

In traditional Ellen fashion, she comes up with quirky, fun games to play with her guests and help the audience get to know them a little better. Each is unique and fun – and several have actually turned into board games you can play at home.

But the biggest part of playing any game is knowing the rules…

Ellen and Simon have had a great friendship over the years and both have made appearances at each other’s different shows and events, but the most fun to watch is when she has him on her talk show for some casual banter and chit chat you won’t find anywhere else.

Beyond just showing up for a few jokes, they often will sit down and play a game or two together – but this time, it seems that the funniest part is something other than the answers!

Simon hilariously struggle to play 'Burning Questions' on The Ellen Show ?watch the video =->

Posted by Simon Cowell Fans on Thursday, October 18, 2018

The game is pretty simple – and there’s not really a way to “win” since it’s just a fun “get to know you” style spot that Ellen has come up with.

The basic instructions are as follows:

  • Ellen asks a question
  • You answer the question
  • Then you press your buzzer to ring it in

Not much to it, right? 

YouTube/The Ellen Show

Well, it seems that Simon’s a bit caught up in the wonder of it all and hysterically keeps mashing his buzzer at all the wrong times!

Ellen tries to help this fella out at one point, but it’s not working for him!

Watch this super-funny clip from The Ellen Show below where Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres will have y’all howling!