Shay Mooney Says He Was Once Mistaken For Shaquille O’Neal

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Shay Mooney’s Hilarious Hotel Mix-up with Shaq’s Wardrobe

Fans at The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation’s charity event in Las Vegas got to hear about when Shay Mooney, one-half of Dan + Shay, had an unforgettable hotel mix-up with the famous basketball superstar, Shaq.

Photo of Dan + Shay with Shaq at The Shaquille O'Neal Foundation.
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Mooney said when he checked into a fancy Los Angeles hotel, the staff told him that they had what they believed to be his dry cleaning. Shay, thinking it must have been something he forgot about, took the bag without a second thought. It’s only when he got up to the room and unpacked the bag and found what he thought at the moment was a “shirt,” that he discovered it was actually a giant pair of boxer shorts.

Mooney reassured that these clearly weren’t his boxers. Mooney did what any of us might have—took photos and shared them laughing with his friends. He FaceTimed Dan, showing himself draped in what looked like a full-sized T-shirt. They were so big that he joked with Dan that several of their friends could comfortably fit inside it. It’s a visual that got a few laughs from the audience at the event.

Mooney soon pieced together that the clothes hanging in his closet weren’t his either, and they looked fit for someone much, much taller. The realization dawned on him that he was probably in possession of the wardrobe of the NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O’Neal. While no official confirmation was made that it was his, the massive height difference between the two (Shaq is 7’1″ and Shay Mooney is reportedly 5’7″) was evidence enough for Shay to believe it was. Plus, Shaq didn’t deny it when Shay told the story.

“I realized that my name, Shay, is just one letter away from being another gentleman’s name. He’s about 17 times my size,” Mooney said, referring to Shaq. “You can just imagine my entire body being clothed in a t-shirt that looks like from a woman’s dress. It was beautiful. It was stunning, and I’m pretty sure it was Shaquille O’Neal’s.”

What else happened at The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation’s charity event?

Aside from the funny story, the charity was a celebration of music, philanthropy, and a community getting together for a good time. Other than Dan + Shay, music legends like Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, and Anderson Paak were at the event and took the stage.

The fundraiser shows just how big of a heart Shaq truly has. You could even say that his good deeds have led to him winning an auction bid for a stage-side table which he gifted to his mother, while he also placed a staggering $50,000 bid for a Bora Bora vacation, which he won as well.

About The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation.

Founded in 2019, The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and Communities in Schools has been instrumental in uplifting underserved youths. Shaq’s commitment to these organizations only underscores his dedication to making positive impacts beyond the basketball court.

For fans at the event, it was a night to remember, not just for the music but for stories like Mooney’s, reminding us all that life’s journey can lead to some unforgettable tales. And who knows–Wouldn’t it be funny if one day we get a Dan + Shay song inspired by the drycleaning mix-up?

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Watch Dan + Shay perform at The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation 2023 event below.