Shania Twain Sweetly Serenades Her Husband Onstage

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Shania Twain, the iconic country queen, continues to dazzle her fans with memorable moments on her Queen of Me tour.
Recently, during her electrifying performance in Quebec City, she surprised everyone by serenading her husband on stage with a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” in French.

The unforgettable moment was captured on video, showcasing Shania’s undeniable talent and her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. As the final notes of the birthday anthem faded, she sealed the heartfelt performance with a passionate kiss, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind about the depth of their love.

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Shania Twain Speaks French To Her Husband

Shania Twain’s return to her Canadian roots has been nothing short of spectacular. After kicking off her highly anticipated North American tour in Spokane, Washington, the Queen of Me made her way through various Canadian cities, igniting the stage with her signature hits. From Vancouver to Calgary, Winnipeg to Saskatoon, she left a trail of sold-out shows and ecstatic fans in her wake.

With her infectious enthusiasm, Shania took to Instagram to express her excitement about performing in her home country. “Oh, Canada. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be spending a chunk of my year in my home country with you guys!” she gushed in an Instagram post announcing her tour dates. “We’ve got an incredible show planned, so get ready to sing your hearts out, dance the night away, and have a blast!!”

And that is precisely what Shania’s fans experienced during her recent Quebec concerts. Despite the steep ticket prices, the allure of witnessing music royalty in action proved irresistible, leading to a sold-out crowd at the Centre Bell in Montreal. Shania Twain’s magnetic stage presence, combined with her powerful vocals, reaffirmed her status as an enduring icon in the music industry.


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As her tour continues to captivate audiences across North America, fans eagerly anticipate the next surprise or breathtaking performance that Shania Twain has in store. Whether it’s her undeniable talent, her unwavering love for her husband, or her unparalleled connection with her fans, Shania proves time and time again why she remains an unstoppable force in the world of music.

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Watch Shania Sing In French To Her Husband Below