See The Mountain Lodge Shania Twain Gave Up To Her Ex

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images, Instagram/mahuwhenua

With sweeping views of mountains, this dreamy countryside escape is one of the most beautiful you will ever see in your life.

Shania Twain, who was previously married to longtime record producer and songwriter, Mutt Lange, purchased this picturesque farmhouse escape 14 years ago – and it surely was a place that helped them relax and unwind.

The main farmhouse, which was built for Twain and Lange, has now been converted into a main lodge common area and several cottages have been added to the grounds. The retreat, called Mahu Whenua, is located in a rural part of New Zealand – surrounded by four high-country sheep stations.

Since Lange and Twain divorced, her ownership in the lodge and land was turned over to Lange and he is the sole proprietor. In the time that Lange has owned Mahu Whenua, he’s dedicated 90% of the land to the Queen Elizabeth Trust – which guarantees it will be protected.

The cottage suites that surround the main farmhouse can be booked for around $1,300 per night – and that includes food and alcohol, too!

Filled with luxurious touches and amenities, these new getaway suites are the perfect way to experience the magic of New Zealand’s rural land and exquisite beauty.

Beyond the magical accommodations, you can book an adventure on horseback, a heli-ski trip, or much more while staying at Mahu Whenua – which means “healing the land” in Maori.

Check out this amazing video of Shania Twain’s old luxury lodge in stunning New Zealand – and if you’re itching for an amazing vacation, you can stay here too!