Second Grader Performs “Folsom Prison Blues” For Live Audience, YouTube/kharmon367

Barely able to handle the monstrous guitar he brought onto the stage, this little boy is without a doubt an incredible show stopper! Known as “Little Johnny Cash,” this second grader gave a jaw-dropping rendition of Johnny Cash’s hit “Folsom Prison Blues” that utterly shocked the audience.

Yes, you read that right.

This little guy is in the second grade and possesses musical talent and skills that many others with countless years of experience strive so hard to acquire!

Talent From The Start

The natural born talent strums his trusty guitar in perfect tempo, adding Cash’s heartfelt vocals to the mix to create a sensational performance filled with sheer cuteness!

Although this song carries a message heavier than Little Johnny’s instrument, the performance is nothing short of remarkable. One of Cash’s signature songs, “Folsom Prison Blues” hit number one on the country charts and earned him a Grammy Award during what would be a lifetime of achievements.

It’s no wonder they call this boy “Little Johnny Cash!” Get ready to be blown away.